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We had the pleasure of handling KIA imports for some time. At one point we were asked to participate in the KIA Soul roll out (before they were available to the public) and KIA Korea decided to send more than 500 cars to various dealers throughout the United States for “Exhibition for Sale” to their dealers.

We handled all custom clearance issues. This consisted of TIB’s, some carnets and other duty free options. Once the cars arrived into the United States, the cars had to be picked up and cleared. It was our job to make sure the documents and import procedures were all in order and that delivery was not held up for any reason.

Here is another interesting example. We imported 2 of the race cars that were used in the movie “Fast and Furious”. Whilst there is the glamour of being associated with a famous movie, these cars were never manufactured to meet United States automotive standards. It was purely to satisfy the needs of the film makers.

After the cars were used for the movie production, the cars were seized. Norman Krieger represented the ultimate purchasers, assisted them in getting the vehicles cleared through fines, penalties and forfeitures. Once that was done, we arranged for examinations (automobile inspections) and delivered solutions in exporting the vehicles outside the United States.