How to Choose the Right Supply Chain Partner

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How to Choose the Right Supply Chain Partner

January 02, 2019 Posted by Tanya Krieger

How to Choose the Right Supply Chain Partner Improve your business’s bottom line and customer satisfaction by choosing supply chain partners that compliment your business goals. An aspect of this process is understanding supply chain management and the role it has in your company’s success. What is supply chain management? Supply chain management is the focus of supply chain activities to maximize value and competitive advantage. Supply chain activities include everything from product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics; as well as the information systems used to coordinate the activities. An effective supply chain will help your company respond to customer demands, maintain peak productivity, and minimize your costs. Choosing reliable partners is an important aspect of an effective supply chain. Define Your Business Goals This first step is to clearly define your business. What are the challenges you are currently facing and what objectives do you want to accomplish? This will help establish which areas of your supply chain need immediate attention and solidify your long-term goals. What Values Are Important for Your Business? Next, you want to identify what values are important in your supply chain partners. This will help establish a mutual understanding of your business and processes to ensure that your partners are compatible and capable of meeting the criteria. Does your business require a relationship with access to expertise and knowledge, where your partner can assist in long-term savings? Or does your company require immediate savings, sacrificing a relationship for lower rates? Registration, Licensing, Bond & Insurance Does your supply chain partner have certifications? It is important to have a quality, qualified partner that is competent in regulations related to your business Rely on the Experts At Krieger Worldwide, we help businesses like yours achieve their logistics goals. We focus on communication, efficiency, and transparency with our partners to build solid client relationships and exceptional service. It is important for us to understand our clients’ needs in order to ensure we provide the best solutions. We pride ourselves in being transparent with our clients by providing visibility through our online customer portal. It is important to choose a reliable partner to ensure you are receiving quality service and resources.


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