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Business with Mexico

Mexican Customs (in English)
Information for passengers traveling to Mexico.

Mexican Revenue Service (in English)
Information about taxes in Mexico for foreign companies.

Mexican Secretary of Economy (English)
General economic information

Mexico-China Chamber of Commerce (in English)
General information for development of China-Mexico business.

Wassenaar Arrangement

Export Information

Bureau of Industry and Security
Intorduction to Export controls & ECCN classification information.

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) / U.S Department of Commerce

Census Bureau
Schedule B Search Engine

Exporting Guidance
Guidance from the U.S. Small Business Administration meant to assist companies interested in exporting.

Government Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations

US Code

Import Information

Animal & Plant Health Inspection

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Customs Rulings

Communication equipment, certain devices emitting radio or other waves

Federal Trade Commission

Fish & Wildlife
Regulation of endangered species and products thereof

Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Classification of imports into the USA

International Trade Reference Material

The food industry's source for expert nutrition analysis, food labeling and regulatory compliance

Office of Textiles & Apparel

SBA Import Guidance
Information provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration to help companies interested in importing.

The Port of Los Angeles

Travel Advisories
Information from U.S. Government to provide travel advisories

US Congressional Legislative Information

US Customs & Border Protection
Customs regulations and information

US Department of Agriculture

US Food & Drug Admin
Medicines, certain foods, food containers, medical devices, radiation emitting devices, herbs, etc.

NKI File Transfer

Send/ Receive documents
Use this link to send or receive large document files. A seperate logon is required, please contact Norman Krieger for initial logon credentials.

Translation & Weather


USA Weather map
Current radar weather map

World Trade Information

The World Customs Organization
International agreements for the coordination of customs activities.

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