Filing Product Exclusions on Imports of Steel or Aluminum

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Filing Product Exclusions on Imports of Steel or Aluminum

The Department of Commerce (DOC) published the process to submit requests for duty exclusions of Imports of Steel and Aluminum under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. 


If an Importer of record receives an approved product exclusion from the DOC, they must provide the company’s name, address and importer of record number, and the associated product exclusion number to Customs & Border Protection (CBP) at  For approved quota exclusions, send a cc: of the information to  The DOC does not notify CBP.  The importer is responsible for doing this.


CBP uses this information to activate the product exclusion in their system called the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  This way entries can be filed with the product exclusion number.  This information must be filed with CBP before entries can be filed with the product exclusion number. 


Instructions for Filing Product Exclusion Numbers:


To submit entries of steel and aluminum products granted by the DOC to CBP, you must:


Importers and filers importing products granted an exclusion should submit the product exclusion number based on the last six digits of the product exclusion docket number at  The product exclusion number should be submitted in the Importer Additional Declaration Field (54 record) of the entry summary data, based on the following format:


For excluded steel mill articles = STLXXXXXX


For excluded aluminum articles = ALUXXXXXX


XXXXXX represent the last six digits of the docket number; do not include spaces or special characters, such as hyphens.


Example:  If a steel exclusion is granted under product exclusion docket number BIS-2018-0009-9002, the importer/filer should submit the exclusion number STL099002 (i.e. STL plus the last six digits of the docket number).


•         Only products from importer(s) designated in the product exclusion approved by the DOC are eligible for the exclusion from the Section 232 measures.

•         Steel importers are reminded to submit mill certificates with their import data as required by 19 CFR 141.89.


Approved duty exclusions are retroactive to the date the request for exclusions was accepted by the DOC.  Importers may request an administrative refund for the previous imports of duty-excluded products by filing a PSC and providing the product exclusion number in the Importer Additional Declaration Field.  If the entry has already liquidated, importers may protest the liquidation.


If you would like to read the notice in full or require additional information, see here.

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