Requirements for Importing Regulated Composite Wood Products

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Requirements for Importing Regulated Composite Wood Products

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Title VI requires composite wood products be tested and certified, ensuring only compliant products are manufactured or imported into the United States. The three composite wood products affected under TSCA Title VI are hardwood plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF, including thin MDF), and particleboard. The regulation also applies to component parts and finished goods fabricated using composite wood products.

Until March 22, 2019, composite wood products, manufactured in or imported into the U.S., have to be certified as compliant with emission standards by a CARB approved and EPA- recognized Third-Party Certifier (TPC). Regulated products must be labelled as compliant with the TSCA Title VI or CARB ATCM Phase II emission standards.

Beginning March 22, 2019, products must be labeled as TSCA Title VI compliant and TSCA Section 13 import certification is required upon import into the customs territory of the U.S. Beginning March 22, 2019, CARB ATCM Phase II-only label will no longer be sufficient. Regulated composite wood products, component parts, and finished goods must be accompanied by an invoice, bill of lading, or comparable document noting that the products are TSCA Title VI compliant and certified.

How do I know if my imported product is regulated under TSCA Title VI and required TSCA Section 13 Import Certification?

The TSCA Title VI import certification applies to regulated composite wood products (mediumdensity fiberboard, thin-medium density fiberboard, panels of hardwood plywood veneer core and composite core, and particleboard), component parts containing those composite woods products (parts to assemble a desk, etc.), and finished goods containing those composite wood products (picture frames, wooden toys, furniture, etc.).

TSCA Section 13 Import Certification Statement

TSCA Title VI uses the standard TSCA Section 13 import certification statement: I certify that all chemical substances in this shipment comply with all applicable rules or orders under TSCA and that I am not offering a chemical substance for entry in violation of TSCA or any applicable rule or order thereunder.

The EPA has resource and guidance materials on the Agency’s formaldehyde homepage at:

There is also a TSCA hotline available for additional questions related to formaldehyde and the import certification process or (202) 554-5603. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Krieger Worldwide representative.

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