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Animal & Planet Health
Health Inspection


Regulation and inspection of animal and plant products entering the US

Consumer Product
Safety Commission

Consumer Product Safety

US government agency that regulates safety requirements of imported products

Federal Communications
Commission FCC


Communication equipment, certain devices emitting radio or other waves.

Federal Trade Commission FTC

Federal Trade Commission

US agency responsible to ensuring fair trade practices.

Fish & Wildlife

Fish and Wildlife

Regulation of endangered species and products thereof.

US Department
of Agriculture


Information concerning unprocessed food, animal, and plant products

US Food & Drug Admin

US Food & Drug Administration

US agency that regulates certain foods, food containers, medicines, medical devices,
radiation emitting devices, and herbs to name some

Office of Textiles &


Information from the US agency overseeing international trade in textiles and apparel

Tariff Schedule

US International Trade Commission

The classification and duty rate of articles for importation into the USA

Customs Rulings

US Customes Border

The list of official rulings by Customs & Border Protection primarily classification of
imported merchandise

CBP Field Operations
Office Contact Numbers

Border Protection

Customs & Border Protection Field Operations phone numbers

US Customs & Border
Protection USCBP Newsroom


Commissioner’s Blog and Media Releases.


ICC Chamber of Commerce

A resource for international trade reference material including INCOTERMS 2010



A food industry resource for expert nutrition analysis, food labeling and regulatory

US Congressional
Legislative Information

Congress Gov

US Congressional legislative information


Travel Advisories

US government guidance for international travelers

Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach

The authority that manages the Port of Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles

The authority that manages the Port of Los Angeles

Port of New York & New Jersey

Port of New York

The agency that manages the ports and airports in the NY/NJ metropolitan region

Port of Tacoma

Port of Tacoma

The authority that manages the Port of Tacoma

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle

The authority that manages the Port of Seattle and Sea-Tac International Airport

Port of Houston

Port of Houston

The authority that manages to Port of Houston