Port of Yantian Congestion

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Port of Yantian Congestion

The Port of Yantian will stop accepting loaded containers as congestion at the export hub in Southern China deteriorates. The restriction will be implemented from May 25 to May 27, 2021. The restriction will be partly lifted for export containers with their vessels expected to arrive at the port within the next four days (4 days before ETA). Pickups of import or empty containers will continue to be allowed during this period of time.

The decision was made due to “the serious delay in ship schedule has led to extremely high density at Yantian’s storage yard and has severely affected the operational efficiency at terminals”, a port statement said.

The decision also comes with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the port area since last week. The local health authorities reported another infection case on Tuesday following four confirmed earlier. All five port workers were involved in handling the Panama-flagged containership OOCL Vancouver on May 17th.

The following measures have been implemented by the authorities:

1. 2 COVID-19 tests every 3 days for all persons working in the port

2. Sanitation of the entire port and residential areas around Yantian port

3. All units with infected workers will be closed and sanitized

4. All persons who have been in contact with infected workers are currently in quarantine

5. All crew members from vessel are in quarantine

6. All persons working at ports, airports, or importing transportation will be required to have COVID-19 tests every 3 days

The new restrictions are expected to cause more delays and backlogs for operations in the area. There may also be new measures and restrictions implemented in the coming days which will add to the delays, congestion, and cancellations of operations.

Maersk said in a statement: “We expect the Yantian port congestion level will increase due to the quarantine measures implemented by local authorities, contingency plans for service recovery will be reviewed from our side.”

Port sources said Yantian has ordered a 14-day quarantine period for vessels with crew members who have tested positive. Some carriers are expected to avoid the Yantian port to prevent further service delays.

Yantian Port is a hub port dominated by international routes in Southern China. Nearly 100 routes are made every week and 60 percent of the routes are to European countries and the U.S., according to the information posted on the official website in October of 2018. The port handles one third of Guangdong’s foreign trade shipments and one quarter of China’s exports to the U.S., Shenzhen government said.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. If you have any questions, please contact your Krieger Worldwide representative.