Port of Yantian, Nansha & Shekou Terminal Update

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Port of Yantian, Nansha & Shekou Terminal Update

The congestion and positive COVID-19 cases occurring at the port of Yantian have caused many vessels to omit service to the port. The current situation in South China is also causing shipping lines to increase rates while the space and capacity becomes even more tight. Drayage capacity is extremely tight in South China as fewer and fewer trucks can be utilized at the moment.


Carriers including CMA and MSC have adjusted sailings to Nansha for the Trans-Pacific trade lane. There are very few sailings and equipment shortages remain an issue, especially for 40’GP and 40’HQ. Nansha is experiencing extreme congestion as many vessels that were avoiding Yantian were calling Nansha instead. Nansha port shutdown on June 5th and 6th due to positive COVID-19 cases and reopened on June 7th. The congestion and trucking shortage has become worse at Nansha. Currently, it is taking more than 10 hours for a truck to pick up an empty container.


Shekou is also experiencing congestion as vessels that avoided Yantian, called Shekou instead. There are currently only 1-2 services from Shekou to the US West Coast (CMA and MSC).


The west area of Yantian terminal has reopened on Jun 10th. The terminal is accepting container gate-in 7 days prior to the vessels ETA (previously 3 days). They have also expanded the number of trucks allowed in the terminal from 5000 to 6000 per day. As long as there are no additional COVID-19 cases found, Yantian should recover to full terminal operations within the next week.

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