About Us

We provide outstanding personalized services to the importing and exporting community

About Us

Norman Krieger was passionate about personalized service. He founded the company in 1965 to provide a personalized service to the importing and exporting community.

From its’ humble beginnings in downtown Los Angeles Norman Krieger Inc. has grown to provide reliable supply chain services under the trademark Krieger Worldwide. Driven by a powerful freight management system, with clients located throughout the world, we have never lost sight of our founding mission - providing personalized service. Our clients have come to rely on our advice and active partnership in helping them address everything from worldwide logistics including such specific supply chain challenges as trading between the United States and Mexico to simply learning how to import and export with less risks and costs.

Our beliefs & Values

Holding your hand through a complex logistics process is what we do. Exporting to the United States can be a daunting task. Our mission is to provide a personalized service, a complete turnkey offer from moving cargo, filling customs entry forms to being an extended resource for our clients to help them achieve their goals of reducing risks, costs. We can only do this because of the knowledge and experience we have collectively within Norman Krieger in logistics and regulatory affairs.

Our Mission

To engineer solutions for your logistics needs.


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