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Krieger Worldwide offers a wide range of international freight solutions.
We support our clients through all aspects of their freight forwarding needs anywhere in the world. With solutions in place to assist you from the moment your goods are picked up from the warehouse, until they are delivered to the end customer, let Krieger Worldwide simplify your shipping needs.
International Freight

Everything you need from origin consolidation services to cargo insurance, booking management and customs brokerage, air to sea and sea to air services, exclusive charter opportunities and so much more. We provide personalized service and custom solutions for all of your ocean freight needs.

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Krieger Worldwide’s air freight solutions get your goods anywhere they need to be reliably and rapidly. Backed by our customer focused experience and powered by enhanced tracking options, door to door service, international trade documentation, protection of goods, and so much more; we have air freight solutions that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

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Many logistics companies are only prepared to handle ordinary and typical cargo. What about freight that is too large for an ocean container or dangerous goods? Krieger Worldwide is experienced with many types of special cargo (also known as project cargo) and can assist in the transportation, handling and control of our clients special/project cargo.

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Our team is here to facilitate your goal in increasing exports from the United States. We understand the complexities when exporting from the United States and advise and assist our clients throughout the entire process. Let our team of experts help you plan and execute your export strategy today!

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We provide a wide variety of services to companies seeking to import, from small business’s located in the United States or manufacturers located outside the United States, our team of experts have the answers you need to import goods properly. Our team will provide you with the right customs bonds, insurance, and other services to facilitate your imports into the US. We also connect our clients with resources beyond just importing such as product labeling assistance, testing, and other services. If you are considering importing into the US, we can help you get started today.

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Our team is able to help domestic and foreign companies move their production facilities to the United States or Mexico. We offer complete turnkey services to assist our clients through the process of setting up their production facilities from supply chain consulting to local service providers.

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We specialize in United States-Mexico trade, with offices near the border we offer import, export and warehousing services that meet individual client needs. The majority of our import volume is processed through “EDI”, which reduces overall processing and clearance time and improves compliance and reasonable care at all levels.

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While shipping is often thought of as simply getting goods from Point A to Point B, it is nearly always much more complex. Companies must navigate supply chain bottlenecks such as potential mis-routings, unpredictable weather, volatile international political landscapes, and other complications, as well as the competitive market that requires efficiency in your supply chain.

This is what we do best! In an ever-changing global market, evaluating your supply chain has become a necessity. We engineer solutions for our clients by looking at various modes of transportation from multiple ports, cargo security, transit times, high-risk bottlenecks, immediate opportunities, new and additional savings and more to create the best possible options to get their goods transported efficiently.

Reach out to one of our experts today to learn how Krieger Worldwide | Norman Krieger, Inc. can solve your logistics needs!

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