About Us

We provide outstanding personalized services to the importing and exporting community

Norman Krieger was passionate about personalized service. He founded the company in 1965 to provide industry expertise to the importing and exporting community.

Norman Krieger, Inc. was founded in downtown Los Angeles and has grown to provide reliable supply chain services under the trademark Krieger Worldwide. Driven by a powerful freight management system, with clients located throughout the world, we have never lost sight of our founding mission - providing personalized service. Our clients have come to rely on our advice and active partnership in helping them address even the most complex supply chain challenges.

Our beliefs & Values

At Krieger Worldwide, our mission is to help you achieve your logistics goals through flexibility, innovation, and visibility.     We focus on building solid relationships and providing exceptional service. It is important for us to understand your needs in order to identify your challenges and ensure we provide the best personalized solutions. At Krieger Worldwide, we achieve results because we love what we do!