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Shippers Letter of Instruction (SLI) Form PDF format:

This Shippers Letter of Instruction (SLI) Form is available for download and features special curated notes directly on the form to help assist you in completing it accurately.

SLI Form in Excel format:

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SLI Instruction Form:

The SLI is one of the most important documents to understand when exporting your cargo out of the US. Below you will find a comprehensive description of all the fields on the SLI, with instructions on how to fill out each field. Additionally, this form includes some regulatory and additional information pertaining to each field.

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Declaration Form:

This form is used for ocean full container loads to manifest correct weight to carriers. This document is required for containers to be allowed to load onto a vessel. VGM is the total gross mass of a packed container which includes the cargo weight, block & bracing materials and container tare.

Authorization for Credit Card Use:

This document provides payment information and authorization to Norman Krieger, Inc.

AUSFTA Declaration Form:

(AUSFTA) Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement – Statement of US ORIGIN.

Incoterms® 2020 Buyer and Seller Responsibilities

This document is a visual representation of the buyer and seller responsibilities under the Incoterms® 2020 rules. Krieger Worldwide offers an in-depth class on Incoterms® through our Krieger University, contact your Krieger Worldwide representative today to learn more!

Commercial Invoice and Packing List:

Copy of a blank commercial invoice and packing list to use.

Demurrage and Detention Dispute Guidelines