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Import Logistics

In these times of phone apps and instant messages we often presume that the movement of goods across borders is equally simple and clear. Importing into the United States appears just as easy but indeed, it is not risk-free. Knowing how to navigate the rules and regulations properly can help avoid unexpected and costly surprises. Our team of professionals at Norman Krieger, Inc. understand the risks. We provide advice to companies seeking to import whether they are local resident individuals or manufacturers located outside the United States.

One-size-fits-all does not apply to imports. Each client has unique merchandise details and business objectives. We help you identify the best solutions that apply to your particular circumstances. Our team can also provide you with the right customs bonds, insurance, and other services to facilitate your imports into the US. We also can connect you with other resources to help with your importing needs such as product labeling assistance, testing, and other services.

If you are considering importing into the US, we can help you get started properly. For assistance in getting the goods to the United States find out more about our international freight services Click Here

Please note the following importing services we offer at Norman Krieger, Inc.

1. Clearance when importing to the US (importing services)

  1. ISF Filing
  2. Custom bonds and Insurance
  3. Import and Export Carnet
  4. T&E
  5. In Bond Entry
  6. HTS classification
  7. Remote Entries and Filing
  8. Prior Notice Filing
  9. Temporary Import Bonds
  10. Warehouse Entry
  11. In-Bond Electronic Entry
  12. Anti Dumping/Countervailing Duty Entries
  13. Temporary Importation Bond Entries (TIB)
  1. Special requests such as:
    1. Manipulation permits
    2. Remote filing
    3. Filing Remote Split-Shipments
    4. Live Entry Processing
    5. General order customs clearance
    6. Out of Port Coordination fee
    7. Food and Drug Administration
    8. Prior Notice
    9. Fish and Wildlife License
    10. Fish and Wildlife Permit
    11. USDA
    12. Other Agency clearance such as ATF, DOT, EPA, State, Commerce…….and more