What Sets Us Apart?

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Near-shoring provides very exciting times for the North American market, namely the United States and Mexico. With Mexico in the making of the world’s new manufacturing hub (a nation deemed the new China for manufacturing services), the team at Norman Krieger are able to help domestic and foreign companies move their production facilities to the United States or Mexico.

Our complete turnkey services include:

1. Supply chain consulting and executing proven solutions in reducing order-to-delivery times and costs.

2. We can act as your concierge to other required professional help from accountants (CPA’s), attorneys, real-estate agents and other business service providers to help accomplish setting up your production facilities. We also work with local sales and marketing professionals who understand the importance of sales in this region.

Do you fully understand how NAFTA applies to your business? If you don’t, please drop us your name and inquiry on this page – in the Get In Touch section. We look forward to hearing from you.