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Peak Season Expected to Bring Higher Rates

As “Peak Season” approaches KRIEGER Worldwide anticipates increasing rates for cargo moving from Asia to the United States of America and Canada. KRIEGER Worldwide experts are already receiving notifications from partners regarding anticipated rate increases set to begin as soon as August 1, 2023 and many increasing by August 15, 2023. Peak season typically brings surge pricing to shippers and with increased blank sailings expected from carriers this year likely brings no exception. Shippers should reach out to their KRIEGER Worldwide associate as soon as possible, we recommend by August 15th, to try to book their shipments ahead of peak pricing! Request a Quote
Mexico passes China as Top USA Trading Partner
Multiple reports confirm that Mexico surpassed China as the top USA trading partner. Trade reached $263 billion dollars between the USA and Mexico during the first four months of 2023. Business Insider reports, “Trade with Mexico accounted for 15.4% of goods exported and imported by the US, just ahead of America’s trade totals with Canada and China, which were 15.2% and 12% respectively.” As previously reported in KRIEGER Worldwide alerts, we saw an increase of nearshoring activity during the pandemic to combat high transit costs and long transit times across the Pacific. As trade between the US and Mexico is expected to continue to grow, KRIEGER Worldwide is prepared to assist our clients through our multiple US-Mexico border offices. We have highly trained experts that can assist you with cross-border trucking, warehousing and distribution, nearshoring, air freight, ocean freight and more!
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